8th Annual Newport Rotary Penny Sale, May 12, 2018

Our 8th annual Penny Sale is set for Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Newport High School gym. There will be over 300 prizes and several grand prizes plus cash prizes. Doors will open at 5:30 PM with the Penny Sale itself starting at 6:30 PM and ending around 9:30 PM subject to change. Admission is free. The cost of the cash raffle tickets and the prize tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00, 12 for $10.00 or 25 for $20.00. Cash prize tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from any Newport Rotarian. Prize tickets will be on sale at the Penny Sale only.
If you would like to become a sponsor, contribute prizes for the Penny Sale or want more information, please contact Penny Sale Chairperson, Bruce Jasper at 863-4105 or email at ejas@nhvt.net. Also, see our Facebook page.
This year’s primary beneficiaries of the Penny Sale will be the Teacher’s Mini Gant program and the Newport Senior Center renovation project.
Prizes have already started rolling in. We hope to see you at the Penny Sale.

Newport Rotary Ski Day has come to an end

After 50 years the Newport Rotary Ski Day and McCrillis Cup Race has come to an end. We have enjoyed the friendship and comradery of all the Rotary clubs and Rotarians who have joined us over the years. Unfortunately the interest and participation waned and we decided to call it quits.

Thank you to all who joined us over those 50 great years.

Flowing Forms Yoga

Thanks to Joe Theriault from Flowing Forms Yoga for talking to us about Yoga and its benefits.

Joe and his business partner Angie Follensbee-Hall opened Flowing Forms Yoga here in Newport, back in June 2013.  

Joe reminded/informed us that Yoga is not just for women and that the benefits are more than just physical.   There are all different types and levels of yoga too so its perfect for everyone!

Check out the studio on their webpage for all class offerings and events!



Mental Health First Aid

This past Wednesday, we were thrilled to welcome Suellen Griffin from West Central Behavorial Health.  WCBH is a well known, local facility for behavioral health care.  Ms. Griffin discussed a new initiative of the state that WCBH is leading which is Mental Health First Aid. 

The program focuses on educating the public on Mental Health and warning signs for those who may require treatment of some sort.  The program also aims to bring awareness of Mental Health in order to better treat those in need and to reduce the stigma associated with receiving treatment from a Mental Health provider.

For more information visit WCBH’s website  http://wcbh.org/

Malayaka Project

Thanks to our speaker yesterday, Brett Wright from the Ludlow VT Rotary Club.  Mr. Wright presented us with his club’s initiative to help the Malayaka House Orphanage in Uganda build a solar panel electrical system for the orphanage which houses more than 30 Ugandan children and their “Aunties”.  The orphanage suffers greatly from an operational perspective as well as significant safety concerns, from the lack of consistent electrical power.  The Ludlow Club is looking to raise $10,000 towards the project from other clubs in the district, including Newport.  Mr. Wright was accompanied by Amy, who works to support the Malayaka House through purchasing local Ugandan coffee beans and roasting and selling them locally here in New England.   Overall, it was a great presentation and here is all the websites for additional information.



Dowsing in NH

Newport Rotary’s own Peter Martin demonstrated the skill of Dowsing to the Club back on January 2nd.  Dowsing is an ancient practice of using simple tools to locate water below the ground.   Who knew?!

Peter is an expert Dowser and not only demonstrated his talents for us but he is an active participant in the Dowsing community.  Here is a video he produced with the American Society of Dowsers



A Visit From the GO Girl!

Yesterday’s speaker was Carol Williams from Efficient Productivity Systems.  Carol highlighted 5 Tips for Productivity in 2013:

  1. Know your passion and purpose
  2. Plan the work and work the plan
  3. Map it
  4. Make a meal with the garnish
  5. Embrace technology but don’t ignore the basics

For more information on deciphering the above tips or for more details check out her website for contact information!


Did You Know: There is a Coke Machine at the top of Mt. Washington

Well neither did we until Newport’s own David McCrillis presented pictures from his recent “Presidential Traverse”.  David’s trek was made even more difficult as he did it overnight and in the dark. 

It’s a well known challenge for avid hikers from all over.  So popular it even has its own page on Wikipedia which gives great details about the hike!